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Share of jobs in information industries that are sustained by foreign final demand

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This indicator estimates the share of domestic employment in the information industries that is used in production to meet final demand in other countries.

An industry can meet foreign demand either directly, via production and export of final goods and services, or indirectly via production of intermediate products that, after further processing at home or abroad, are eventually embodied in final goods and services purchased abroad.

As the number of firms specialising in particular stages of global production increases, dependencies between economies deepen. The ability of economies to meet foreign final demand increasingly determines the evolution of job markets.

Information industries include manufacturers of ICT equipment, providers of ICT services and the “content and media sector”. They are approximated, due to the limited availability of more detailed data, by “Computer, electronic and optical products”, “Publishing, audiovisual, and broadcasting activities”, “Telecommunications”, and “IT and other information services” (see notes).


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